Who we are

Our Work

Erik Lydick is a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s responsible for all mock ups, assets, music, website development and support for Dividr Classic and Dividr 2.0. When he’s not working he’s adding endless jobs to Josh’s plate.

Joshua Deichmann is a 3rd year Computer Science Major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s developed iOS games since 2012 and heads up all development on Dividr Classic and Dividr 2.0.

Our History

Dividr was originally developed for the 2016 iOS App Challenge which was a hackathon sponsored by Apple at RIT. Originally developed with the assistance of Patrick Pistor, Dividr Classic took first place out of 25 apps for its clean interface, and creative use of 3D Touch.

Dividr Classic

Dividr 2.0

Email: contact@hyperjumplabs.com

Address:  1 Lomb Memorial Drive

                  Rochester, NY 14623

In May of 2016 Dividr Classic was finally released onto the app store in preparation for a campus wide science fair called Imagine RIT. Only a short two months later it received a Student App Design Award from Apple at WWDC 2016. Though we’ve been quiet since then, we’ve been hard at work expanding the app and are extremely excited to announce our open BETA for Dividr 2.0!