Dividr 2.0


Power Ups

The Sandbox

Check Points


Even the best players need practice, so welcome to The Sandbox! Here players can try their hand at the most advanced level sets so that as they work their way through the levels, ideally they won’t be caught off guard in normal gameplay. Any level set at any speed can be played here, just remember that it’s for practice. Gameplay here won’t count toward the scoreboards and coins can’t be collected either.

Ever wish you didn’t always have to start over? Meet the Checkpoint, the ONLY  “premium” feature in Dividr. Check Points can be dropped during any run and when you crash into a block you can instantly continue your run from the last dropped checkpoint. Checkpoints are sold in app in bundles, 5 for $0.99.

Look, ads annoy you, ads annoy us, so we’re getting rid of them for good! Dividr 2.0 will forever remain free to play. Everything in the game, with the exception of Checkpoints, can be earned in normal gameplay. Coins can be purchased in the store or they can be earned in normal gameplay. Play Dividr however you want. The choice is entirely up to you!

“This may sound ridiculous but making money isn’t our goal. Josh and I developed this app because we enjoy watching people have fun with our work.  Anything that gives our players a negative experience directly conflicts with that gratification and isn’t worth our time.”

- Erik

Welcome to one of the most addicting and simple games on the app store. Blocks rain down from the top of the screen and it’s your job to dodge them by dividing your green player. Dividr uses the 3D touch technology in the latest iPhones which enables the pressure from your finger on the screen to become the control; the harder you press, the farther the green player splits apart. Coins may also come down at random and can be collected and spent on special abilities for your player. We call these special abilities Power Ups.